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    I had a MOH and no BMs, H just had a best man. I don't think it would be weird to have uneven sides at all. But I'm curious what this huge falling out was, since I'm nosy.

    However, if the thought of not having any best friends makes you not want to get engaged, then I have to question whether you're actually mature enough to get married.
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    It's fine to have four groomsmen and no bridesmaids.

    You can also have men stand for you, if you have brothers or guy friends that you're very close to and want to include. Bridesmen/Bride's Attendants are very common.

    But, really, wait to actually get engaged to worry about this. Then wait until you set a date (meaning, your ceremony and reception locations are booked.) Then wait until maybe 8 months prior to that solid wedding date to ask bridesmaids/bridesmen ... you may become closer with that one girl, you may make new friends, you may rekindle old friendships, or you may stand firm in not wanting a bridal party on your side at all. You're putting the cart before the horse to worry about this now.
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    Ditto malphabet.  Wait until you actually get engaged before you start worrying about it.  There's so much time and relationships change.
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    And why the DD?  

    I really need to remember to quote.
    Ignorance is a poor defense. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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