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"unresponsive" bridesmaid.

Ok, can I first just say that I am truly seeking advice. No decisions have been made, and no discussions have occured at this time Wink When I got engaged, I asked this one friend to be a bm. She is also the very long time girlfriend of my future BIL. We aren't extrememly close friends, but we have become friends over the years, and I thought it would be nice to have her in the wedding. Anyways, at the time she seemed very happy to be in the wedding. We talked dates and times, dress styles and colors, all of that sort of thing. Since then, I cant get her to talk to me. She will not return any messages, calls, nothing. I know she is very busy with work (waitress, hellish hours) My MOH and I had an appt this past monday for BM dress fitting, and she was invited. She never would answer wheteher or not she could make it or not. I know your busy... but does it really take two weeks to just send a text saying "bummer got to work cant make it?" I had asked her if she would be able to order her dress by Feb, (style may be discontinued for spring) and She had said that shouldnt be a problem. I know she hasnt, and again she wont answer anything. I'm getting nervous here that either a: she wont get her dress in time, and is it gonna look weird for one BM out of 5 to have a different dress, or b: she has changed her mind and no longer wants to be in wedding but scared to tell me. So, words of wisdom ladies?
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