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MOH/BM problems please help

i'm having an issue with who should be my MOH. I origianlly asked my youngest sister cause I was my other sisters MOH in her wedding and thought it only fair. But now I'm have some issues with it because she is only 16 
(will be 17 at the time of the wedding) and there are a lot of things she won't be able to do. Now I'm thinking I should change my MOH to my other sister because we are closer and she will be able to help me with the planning more. What should I do? Please help!!!

Re: MOH/BM problems please help

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    thanks ladies that what I was feeling I just wanted a few second opinions so I didn't make the wrong decision. I am getting a little pressure to change her from my FI and don't want to hurt her feelings cause she is super excited. I am just a little confused and should know to say its what I want but it is his day too. Its just been stressing me out and with everything I don't want to rock the boat too much. 

    This has put everything into perspective and helped me out a lot. Now I just have to put my FI into her position, so he will know what it will do to her. I think reading your posts will help a lot. 

    Thanks again everyone
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