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Non-returnable BM gifts - wondering if I made a mistake!

Hey all,

So, we're having a winter wedding.  I make jewelry, and hand made my girls some custom bracelets (nothing they're expected to wear that day either).  I also ordered some custom brooches for the girls to use how they desire.

The big ticket item I  purchased are faux fur shawls the girls can wear during the ceremony or around if they are cold.  I think they look so romantic, and wanted to get a few pics of the girls in them too.

I guess I'm wondering if the faux fur shawls are a bad idea?  It's too late to return them, but I don't want the girls to feel like I bought them a gift and all I cared about was it being used for my wedding.  My intention was to give them all something uniform and warmer than just a pashmina or cardigan.

What do you all think?

Re: Non-returnable BM gifts - wondering if I made a mistake!

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    I think it's fine to buy the faux fur shawls for them if you want them in the photos. And if the jewelry you're giving them is not required for the wedding, and is truly something you think they'll enjoy and use in the future, I think that's O.K.

    My concern with the shawls would be that they would probably not wear them again, though. How many opportunities would they have to re-wear a faux fur formal shawl? Probably only if they attend a winter formal event. IDK how many formal parties your friends go to, so if they go to a lot then the shawls might be worth it. Plus there's the question of personal taste ... do they even like (faux) fur?

    If you can get them each a little something else personal - maybe a small gift card, a package of their favorite gourmet coffee or chocolates, an inexpensive magazine subscription, a book or DVD, etc. - I think it'd help round things out a bit more.
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    I like the fur wraps.  Yeah, accessories for the wedding aren't really gifts for them, but since the wrap isn't the only thing you're getting them, it's ok.  I'd probably add a little something very specific to them, that is different for each person, though.  
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    I think a little gift or maybe a small gift card to a favorite store would be a good addition for each girl.
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    Ditto PPs, just make sure you get them something small that's personal to each individual girl, like a gift card to their favorite store/restaurant.

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    I don't wear fur, real or fake, and I probably would not agree to wear it at all.  Did you ask them how they feel about fur before you bought them, if you didn't already know?  It's a touchy subject with a lot of people.  I would way rather have the pashmina.  I don't want to look like I have a dead animal wrapped around me, and I certainly wouldn't want my picture taken wearing it. JMHO.
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