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im getting married next year, with our out of town relatives excited about attending, this is huge for us bc the only fam my mom has left is hours and hours away blah blah we havent seen them in a very long time, i want the week of my wedding (since theyll be here) to be very special for our families in addition to our big day. and at first my mom and MOH were all about planning and asking ?s and giving me ideas for stuff for the week of, completely ignoring the wedding.

now when (and it isnt often at all bc theres just so much else thats going on in our family) i wanna bring up wedding ideas (we're doing alot of diy decorations) no one wants to help me with that-the bouncing of ideas off each other, not actual decorations, its too early for that lol- to make things better, my MOH is hardly speaking to me for whatever reason. now is where i need your help!

lemme explain-my MOH is my sister in law, we've been best friends since she started dating my brother and we are waaayyy closer than he and i have ever been.  my a hole brother recently asked for a seperation, he cheated on her (and doesnt understand why im "on her side" sheesh) i have been uber supportive-girls nights, babysitting so she can do school work, little surprises and random i love yous, silly memories texted to her to cheer her up the whole 9. at first shes all "your wedding planning will be great to get my mind off of all this" but now she doesnt even speak to me! about anything! it breaks my heart bc i want her to know that tho they are seperated, she IS still our family, shes the only sister ive ever known, and my best friend no matter what. shes been MOH since before the proposal lol there was no asking she just (rightly) assumed lol my FH says its jealousy or more accurately that seeing me plan a wedding may constantly make her feel like she failed as a wife (which she DIDNT) but what about all the other time i spend NOT planning a wedding???  wedding or not i want my best friend back!!! how do i force her to see that we (the rest of our family) love her and how important she is to us?

any advice is appreciated....sorry its so long and jumbled.
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