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Texas-San Antonio

marriage license

Hey guys, quick question.

If I go through the Bexar County Court and get a marriage license, does it have to be signed in Bexar County with an officiant from that county, or can i take it to a different county to get signed?


Re: marriage license

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    You have to get the marriage license in the county you get married.
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    [QUOTE]You have to get the marriage license in the county you get married.
    Posted by slharbi1[/QUOTE]

    Not true. We got our license in Bexar Count and were married in Kendall County. It's a state license, so it's good anywhere in Texas. After the wedding, it needs to be filed in the county you got it from, but you don't have to be married in the county you get your license in.
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    Aflowernomore is correct. You do not have to get the marriage license in the county you get married in. We were married in Bexar county but got ours in Travis county. After the wedding, our marriage license was mailed to Travis County so it could be recorded.
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    Okay, so all I would have to do is make sure the officiant knows to file it with the Bexar County courts, since that's where we are going to be getting the license? Can I go file it myself, or does the officiant have to do it?
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    Either way. They'll give you an envelope to mail it back in, but then it takes time for them to process it and send it back to you. I took mine into the courthouse the day after we got back from our honeymoon. They recorded it right then and gave it back to me. I was able to go to Social Security and DPS right after that to get my new ID.
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    oh, that would definitely be handy (getting it done right there and not having to mail it). we're coming from out of town, and that would definitely help to get all that paperwork done as soon as possible! fantastic, thank you! :D
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