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Hello Beautiful Brides!! I need some advice regarding wedding party issues. I am going to have my five sisters (and my fiance's sister) as bridesmaids. I will not add any of my friends or other family members to be a bridesmaid. However, I have a cousin who is very very close to all of us. She has always been supportive of me throughout my life (even when other family members have not been as supportive as one would think). She's a beautiful person and I would love to have her be a part of the wedding. She understands that I just want my sisters to be bridesmaids. But I would still like to have her be a part of the ceremony or reception in some way. I feel as though with everything she has supported me through, I would be wrong to not to ask her to be a part in some way. Is there anything that she can do??? Please Please Please send your thoughts and suggestions as to how I might solve this minor issue. Undecided

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    Have her do a reading at your ceremony!
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    Why can't she be a bridesmaid?  If she is that important to you then I don't see why you can't ask her to be in your wedding party, especially since you aren't just sticking with your sisters but are including your FI sister as well.

    If you are hell bent on only have your sisters in your wedding party (and your FI sister), then you can always ask her to do a reading during the ceremony.

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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:37Discussion:a4263c66-1d7e-4a44-9cba-e8ca0c761deaPost:5625a85e-bed4-4a51-bc08-f6b8b7bb2980">Re: Wedding Party Issue....</a>:
    [QUOTE]Bridesmaid, reader, singer, or guest are you only options. You seem really bummed to not have her as a BM, so <strong>why not just have her as a bridesmaid?
    </strong>Posted by Liatris2010[/QUOTE]

    This is what I am wondering.

    If she says it is because "the numbers will be uneven" I think I may just scream.

    OP, please don't say it is because then the numbers will be uneven.

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    Ditto Lia.  It sounds like she is one of your nearest and dearest, so add her as a BM!  Sides do not have to be even.
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    It sounds like you would be the happiest asking her to be a bridesmaid.
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    I'd go ahead and ask her to be a bridesmaid.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Wedding Party Issue....</a>:
    [QUOTE]Have her do a reading at your ceremony!
    Posted by Jager1219[/QUOTE]
    I agree with this one! It makes it really special for her and you.
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    If it *IS* because she wants her numbers even I have a VERY simple solution...move your fiance's sister over to HIS side (after all, she is there because of HIM, not you!) and then that would even things up and you can slip in your cousin.  Problem solved!  Oh, and hello, fellow Northeastern Ohioian!
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    I agree with Stage -- it's only been in the last couple decades that it's been more acceptable to have uneven sides.  And, quite frankly, while it may be neurotic, it's up to the bride if that's what they really want to do...I was merely trying to offer a solution if even numbers is what she's shooting for.  While it's not my mentality to have even numbers in a wedding party, I'm a huge fan of symmetry and having uneven numbers would probably drive me batty (I chalk that up to me being OCD :))
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    Not getting involved in this agrument, but my mother told me that I needed an even number of BMs beacuse if I had say 5 or 3 the pictures would look loopsided because I wouldn't be centered...Not that I listened to her, but I'm just saying that some people get some ideas into their head that "this is how it's done".  And for the record, I've only been to 1 wedding out of about 15 with an uneven party.
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    So basically you have no actual response to the valid points Stage has brought up and are trying to distract from that by being condescending and insulting. Shocker.

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