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Groomsmen Gifts? Help?

My fiance and I are trying to figure out what he's going to give his groomsmen (there are five of them) and are having a really hard time with it.  No one wears ties in their normal life, they don't wear cufflinks or smoke... we've seen a lot of cheesy ideas but nothing that's really just been a good idea. 

Any suggestions?  We appreciate it!

Re: Groomsmen Gifts? Help?

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    Scroll down to the 10+ "what should I get my BM" posts below and read the responses.  They apply to you too.
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    This is for your FI to think of, not you. Buy for them like it's their birthdays. Do they like video games? Concerts? Baseball games? Any of these ideas work.

    If you MUST know what my DH got his gm, go into my married bio. I have a whole page on it.
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    This is for your FI, not you.  Shop like it's their birthday.  Get out of the mindset that they need matching gifts, and give them invidually something they'll appreciate.
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    FI saw this site and might get one of these for a couple of the GM.
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    We are going to give omaha steak gifts.. they are higher end steaks and what guy doesn't like that!!!
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    As long as they're red meat eaters, Omaha steaks are great.  Giving 'carcass' to a vegetarian though would be awful.

    Think of the person and not the occasion.  I wouldn't want a 'Christmas sweater' for Christmas and the traditional BM gift isn't really up my ally either. 
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