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Too Many braidmaids!

My fiance has 5 groomsmen (including his best man) I don't want to have any more than that so our sides can be even, but I have a total of 11 girls that are very close to me. What can I do with the girls that are "left over"? I really want the 6 girls to be part of my day :/

Re: Too Many braidmaids!

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    Have them as bridesmaids. Get over the uneven sides.

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    Uneven sides are okay, but remember that each additional bridesmaid means you have to pay for her bouquet, a spot in the limo if you have one, a gift, two spots at the rehearsal dinner, and anything else you're mandating and thus need to pay for (shoes, accessories, hair, makeup... basically anything other than the dress that you're requiring them to spend money on).  Not to mention that the drama quotient increases exponentially the more people you try to rope in.

    Remember that guest is an honor too, and that each and every person in attendance will be part of the day.
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    Why do the sides need to be even?
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    Uneven sides are fine. Don't make up jobs for the 6 girls if you don't include them as BMs because they're just that, jobs, not honorary positions. And PLEASE, if one of your 5 BMs drops out, DO NOT replace her with one of the other 6. Just leave it at 5 GM and 4 BM. It tells the 1st girl she's replaceable, and the second girl you're only using her as a space filler.

    Being a guest is also an honor. Just let them come as guests if you're not going to have them as BMs.
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    Either have them as bridesmaids or have them as guests.

    I understand the sentiment of wanting to keep the WP small, but if you truly have 11 people that you are that close to, I can't imagine leaving close friends out to get a look.

    Would you exclude them from any other party to have an even balance?
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    Honestly, I get that you're friends with these people, but are you really equally close to all 11?  I think you choose the friends you'd call if you needed a ride to the emergency room at 2:30 am.  Those are your WP.  The others are guests.

    Too often, brides get caught up in trying to "include" everyone that they forget that being a guest IS being included. 

    Have your photographer take a group photo at the reception, and call it good.  And BTW:  you can still ask the hosts of your shower and b-party to include your non-WP friends on the guest list.  Then they'll be "included".
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    In Response to <a href="">Too Many braidmaids!</a>:
    [QUOTE]My fiance has 5 groomsmen (including his best man) I don't want to have any more than that so our sides can be even, but I have a total of 11 girls that are very close to me. What can I do with the girls that are "left over"? I really want the 6 girls to be part of my day :/
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    Sides don't have to be even.  Glad we could clear that up for you.
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    Ditch the idea of even sides and you're good to go.  

    Since you have about a year until the wedding, hold off a few months and see if you truly want all 11 in there.  Not for the sake of keeping the sides even, but to see if you really have 11 BFFs.  A lot of times, within a year or two of finishing college, friendships change dramatically and when you no longer have college in common, you realize you aren't really close friends.  Also, if you're recently engaged, you may be really excited and want to ask everyone, but when it wears off after a month or so you want fewer people.  

    So in January (9 months out, plenty of time) ask yourself who you want standing next to you when you say your vows (WITHOUT regard to how many your FI has).  Ask accordingly.
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    I have the same dilemma...I have 7 girls and my FI has 3 Im going to have one girl make sure that guests sign the book, one carry the money bag, one roll out the runner and the other sing.

    Everyone is included, has an important job, wearing a similar color as the bridesmaids and feels special.

    Hope that helps...

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