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My FI and I were finally trying to decide on the groomsmen attire for the wedding. We're not going traditional, so we're not having them wear tuxes... actually, we're having them wear Hawaiian Aloha shirts in a tan color. (

The problem we run into are the pants. Since everyone is spread throughout the country, we want to make sure they each have the same color pants. I figured I'd give them a brand- ie, Dockers- and tell them the color, since the color should be the same regardless of the size. I'm running into the issue that Dockers doesn't have the same color in every pant. (I decided dockers bc they're inexpensive.)

I understand that they may already have a "khaki" pant, but I just found out that there are sooooo many varieties of colors!!!! And we want everyone to look consistant.

Anyone have any better ideas on how to get them to buy the same color pant?

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Re: Groomsmen Attire

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    I think it's best for your FI to ask his guys what sort of khakis they may already own.  You may be surprised to know that they already have matching ones.

    OR they may mention other brands/colors. 

    Since these should be a 'wear again' item, why not try working within their own wardrobes as a start.
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    I guess that's a good start.

    I just know the guys in our wedding- not professionals. I'm worried about them bringing worn or tattered pants. Although we're going casual, its still a wedding, so I feel its best to have them buy new. Which, with the shirt and the new pants- can easily be less than a tux rental. And the pants can be worn again.

    And as for the color of their exisiting pants- I feel like guys wouldn't know the diffrernce btw the shades of Khaki.  I feel like they know "khaki" and thats it. LOL

    Married: May 7th, 2010
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    Choose a brand where the color is somehow identified either by color or number, so that you can say "please pick any Dockers pant in 'sand'" or something like that. They can be in charge of finding a model that comes in the right color. I just looked, and Gap is having a sale on khakis right now, if that helps.

    I'd probably have your FI explain to his friends that you'd like them all to have the same color but don't care about the cut or brand and ask them to agree on a brand they all like.
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    I would think that as long as you specify something like "dark khaki" or "pale khaki," subtle differences in the shade shouldn't matter.  If want something middle of the road, you could give them each a paint swatch and tell them to go buy pants that are as close to that as they can find.  There aren't THAT many different shades of khaki.
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    I would choose the exact pant and store to purchase it at such as Macy's.  Send an email out with the exact link to that item and just have them choose their size.

    Make sure to include the style number, color, brand, etc. in the email just incase they choose to go to the store...the salesperson will be able to help them find the exact item.

    ....Guys do not do details well, so I would make sure you sit down with your fiance and write the email with him to send out. I would also include a deadline to order them by. Also to help ensure they all get ordered you and your fiance should send a follow up email confirming all the pants were ordered.  Good luck Smile
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    yeah, our GM needed to get matching black slacks for our wedding so we went to JCPenneys, picked out a pair and sent them all the style #, color, etc. =) worked out well and everyone matched. we even offered to pick them up for anyone that didnt have the time to go on their own- they just needed to tell us their size. 
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    We had the same issue.   Since we had the money, we got everyone's sizes and bought everyone the same pant in the same color.  It was not easy, because not every store had everyone's sizes in the same khaki color. In the end I was able to  get them all from Old Navy, on sale for only $15 or $20 a pant.  

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