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Ring bearer/flower girl gift ideas

Hi Ladies,

My ring bearers will be almost 2 and 2 1/2 for the wedding. My flower girls will be 3 and almost 5.

(They are mine and FI's nieces/nephews.)

What are some gift ideas for them? I am thinking a wedding barbie for the girls as they both love barbies, but other than that I am really lost.

Any suggestions would be helpful! I am looking to spend about $25/child.

Re: Ring bearer/flower girl gift ideas

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    What kinds of things are they into? Books, toys, trains/trucks, stuffed animals, ice cream/candy, coloring?

    Maybe ask their parents if you are lost. And remember that the gifts do not need to be identical, or wedding-themed.

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    I got my fgs charm bracelets and a pearl necklace each. I wasn't going to have them match but I knew that they would both really like them. I bought them at Claires and the girls LOVED them.

    As for the rb, DH bought him a pair of drumsticks because everyone on his side of the family thinks he has great rhythm....(he's 3) I did NOT think this was a good idea. If I were the parents, I'd  be pretty annoyed that someone got my child something noisy. We also got him a woodblock but I think the parents are holding out on that gift till he's a little older. DH is a drummer so he also liked that he was giving his nephew something that was "just like his uncle!"
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    Ask their parents what they'd suggest.  A wished for toy will be far more appreciated by the 5 and under set than any kind of keepsake-type thing will be.  Kids live in the here and now, so a truck, a doll, blocks, etc. will be much better received than something to put away and "save" as a special memory!  GL
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    Not sure about the RB, but my flower girls will be 3 & 5 and both love Build A Bear, so I will get them a gift card to go make and dress a bear :-)!

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    I got my 5 year old niece the wedding barbie and she loved it.  She still plays with it all of the time, and her dolls have had many pretend weddings.

    My my 3 year old nephew, I got him a batman car because I know he loves cars.
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