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How do I tell her she's not a bridesmaid?

There's a friend in my life who has been a good friend since middle school. A long time ago, when we were just kids, we promised each other that we would be in each other's weddings. Since we've been in college, we've drifted apart, but remained friends. However, things have gotten complicated. She has made it known to me that she has feelings for my fiance. She has flat-out told me that she was upset that I didn't talk to her about dating him, because she wanted a chance at him. Once she found out that we were engaged, she quit talking to us completely for a couple weeks. She's mellowed out a bit now, but she keeps trying to discuss wedding details with me. Neither me nor my fiance feel comfortable with her being a part of everything after all the drama that has occurred and is continuing to occur, but I'm not sure how to tell her that she is not going to be involved. Any suggestions?
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