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Ideas to surprise couple at rehearsal with something sweet

Hi everyone,

At my wedding, my bridal party surprised my husband and I with this wonderful poem they had written about was very sweet and a wonderful memory to keep forever.

I would like to do something special to surprise a friend of mine that is getting married, but don't want to do a poem (since it was her idea to do in the first place.)  Does anyone have ideas of bridal party surprises that have worked well- like a skit or something.

I'd love any ideas!

Re: Ideas to surprise couple at rehearsal with something sweet

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    When the oldest Duggar boy got married, his siblings made up a skit reenacting their proposal (and roasting the groom in the process).  I actually thought it was pretty cute.
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    Have everyone tell one funny story about the couple that is allowable.
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    My sis hosted my shower and although she did this at the shower, I am sure you could arrange it to be done beforehand. She had everyone take a piece of paper and write advice on it with a specific incident for when to open it. I got a lot of "first big fight" and things like "teething baby", "boys night out" and "first thanksgiving with the inlaws."
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    The couple that helped with our RD did one of those photos with the frame that you sign and had everyone at the RD sign it.
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    Maybe a slideshow or a scrapbook. Or a wishing box (similar to Stina's idea) where the guests each write out a wish to them. then they can either be kept in a box or scrapbooked.

    We have a tradition in our family that each couple gets a sock full of coins, but I don't know if I even know the story anymore about why.
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    My friend's brother (he was the BM) and two best friends (co-MOHs) did a HILARIOUS skit as their toast at the the end the BM was wearing his sister's terrycloth romper over his suit. Everyone loved it, but the three of them are also just generally funny. If you guys can do it well go for it, but I personally feel like I'm a poor actress and would probably end up making it more boring and awkward than funny, so just be realistic about the BP's acting skills.
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