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Very Inexpensive Wedding Venue

Need ideas on super cheap wedding venues.  Would like an outdoor wedding with indoor reception.  Any suggestions would help.  Was supposed to have my wedding in October 2009, but due to a medical condition had to take a 6 month leave of absence and lost my home.  The vendors I had already secured were heartless and took my money or refused to help me down size and work with me, so I've already lost about $2,000 just because of that ordeal.  Want to get married this October.  Can't have it at my house and don't know anyone that has a nice area for me to use for my wedding, so that takes that idea out of the picture.  Have accepted the fact that I'm never going to be able to have my dream wedding but at least want a nice wedding/reception without looking cheap.  Thanks for your help : )

Re: Very Inexpensive Wedding Venue

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    What is the budget that you are working with?
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    Yea totally helps when we know what you can spend. :)
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    Our budget was 3k. We found a civic center (in Schertz) for fairly cheap and they supply linens and stuff. I know a lot of non-traditional wedding spots (Civic centers, your own back yard, etc.) are cheaper than the places that are wedding specific.
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    Thanks for your suggestions.  I'm only looking at about $500.00 for the wedding and reception venue.  Unfortunately, not much to work with, but it's the best we can do.
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    If you're not having a large wedding what about having the ceremony at marriage island on the riverwalk and then just a dinner out somewhere afterwards? Or what about a park? Or a courthouse ceremony and then a small reception somewhere?
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    That is a limited budget, but if you look hard enough, I'm sure you can find something. If you're okay with having a more casual wedding, then look at some of the local parks, and have a bbq. Bill Miller's caters SUPER cheap and while it's not formal, it's always good. There are some VFW's and community centers in the area that rent pretty cheap, but you would have to invest in some decorations which you could also get very reasonably priced from sites like orientaltrading.com

    This is a link to the parks and city owned community centers in town (I personally liked OP Schnabel park's main pavillion when we looked at that one.) http://www.sanantonio.gov/parksandrec/directory.aspx

    Here's a link to a conference hall in Leon Valley. It might go a little over your $500, but not by much and you can use the lawn outside for a ceremony.

    I hope this helps!

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    Thanks so much for all of your suggestions.  I will definitely look into them.  Great ideas : ) !!!
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    if you dont mind a week day wedding they are much cheaper!!! i am getting married at boulder springs on a thursday for 1550. 
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    Just a thanks to DeadUtopia!  We booked and paid for the Leon Valley Conference Center.  Got the place for $500, with a $200 refundable deposit.  We only have it for 5 hrs, but at least it's on a Saturday so our family can make it in town and as soon as the reception is over we're headed for the airport and off on our Honeymoon.  This would not have been possible if it weren't for your suggestion.  We're forever grateful.
  • http://www.annemaries.com/

    I went with Ann Marie's, which ended up being really cheap.  For about 60 guests, it ended up costing about $2,000.  They are a catering business, but they have two rooms on site that you can have your wedding at and their packages for a room and catering are really cheap.  They are one of the most flexable places I have looked at and they will work with you.  

    I wanted to post this because I went to this forum when I was first looking for a place to have my wedding, and I did not see this place listed.  So, if someone comes to this forum looking for a inexpensive wedding option in San Antonio, please check out this place.

  •  I need an inexpensive reception site, no more than $2000.
  • A place that well hold 75 people
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    [QUOTE]A place that well hold 75 people
    Posted by bekstradley[/QUOTE]

    check out Milltown in New Braunfels. Too small for what we were looking for, but that is a good number for that place!
  • I have would like to have the ceremony and reception outside with a great view of trees and twinkling lights.  My budge is small,  and I would like a place that could also assist with clean up/set up and provide all the chairs/tables ect. I would like to stay at or under $3000. Can you make any recommendations?  I really would like a place that takes all the guess work out of this event so we can just have fun.

  • You should look at The Hopkins House. They have beatiful trees and clear lights. www.hopkinshouseweddings.com.
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    I suggested this for someone else on another board but - Not sure where you are in San Antonio but you should check out the Landa Haus at Landa Park in New Braunfels. The city rents it out. Its an indoor house with cedar beams and full kitchen with room to dance and I think seats up to 175. It also has an outdoor pavilion attached overlooking Landa Lake where the river runs through. Its super affordable, comes with tables and chairs. $350 and you can have it from 6 am to midnight - and bring in your own caterer. Here's the link- http://www.nbtexas.org/index.aspx?NID=416
  • For an enexpensive outdoor reception, the Spanish Governor's Palace is a great option.  It is $250 plus a $200 deposit and you can bring in whatever you want.  They do not include anything though (tables, chairs, linens are all on you to figure out).  The location is beautiful though.

  • The Conservation Society in New Braunfels. 5 hrs - 300; each additional hour is $25 per hour. We are renting the entire day for 450. Includes tabels and chairs. Limit 100. Beautiful faciitly. Can be indoor, outdoor or both for the same price.  
  • I don't know your medical condition but if you don't mind traveling to Austin this is a beautiful out door venue for free. So if your date is open and you can walk on slightly rough ground I would take a look http://www.chapeldulcinea.org/
  • Im getting married March 29 2014 looking for a venue catering at about 5000 can anyone give me a suggestion? Cheap catering some where where it includes tables chairs bar etc....
  • The old Blanco County Courthouse, all in door but very rustic and inexpensive! Only $600 to reserved it from 9am to midnight


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