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My flower girl is going to be 8 at the time of the wedding, do you think it would be more appropriate if she wore a dress that was similar to the BM dresses?
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    My FG was also 8, and her dress was nothing like the BMs dresses. It looked fine.

    Since she was a little bit older, I actually went shopping with my FG, and she was able to help choose her own dress. She loved being involved in that way.
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    She can certainly wear a dress in the color of the BM dresses.   However 8 is way too young IMO to start thinking of more "adult" looking dresses.
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    I agree with the PP that you should take her out to shop for the dress with you. Some 8 year olds want to feel like big girls and some want the fluffy dress still.
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    I would love to take her out shopping, unfortunately she lives in Atlanta and I'm in PA
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