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Bridesmaid Gifts: Your Opinion

I've been thinking about a variety of gifts. I have read the first post about shopping for them individually. If you were a bridesmaid would you like this gift? or What is your opinion?
Summer Themed: (I'm getting married at the end of May)
Beach bag filled with, 
Beach Towel (embroidered initials)
Flip Flops
Clinique After Sun Lotion
Decorated Martini Glass/Margarita Glass filled with cocktail scented body lotions/soaps
And then maybe tickets to a summer concert, sports event, or something different to match their individual interests.

I'm also paying for a day where we get our nails done, and taking them out to lunch.

I wanted to do some matched items, and then one individual item. I'm doing this because I'm horrible at picking out gifts.  I also didn't want to do the whole cliche gift thing. I don't plan on ordering the bag, towel and glasses from a catalog. I plan on finding the bags and having a friend embroider them and myself decorating the glasses (which makes this gift more affordable :) ).

Thanks so much

Re: Bridesmaid Gifts: Your Opinion

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    Would the flip flops, towel and decorated glass be chosen for their individual styles?  Do they go to the beach/pool often?  If yes to both of those, I like it.
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    Yeah, if they are girls who would use a beach towel and flip flops, then it is a good idea. But only you would know that. It sounds fun though.
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    I never really use scented soaps and lotions, and they always seem like a really generic "girl" gift to me. I like smelling good as much as the next person, but I prefer particular brands of those items, and I feel like the scented lotions never actually moisturize as well. I also probably wouldn't wear the flip flops...I'm from CA, so I wear flip flops all the time, but I prefer Rainbows or Reefs, not any old cute pair (and randomly hate Havaianas).

    That doesn't mean those things are bad gifts, just that I personally would be grateful but not find much use for them. The other things I would use, and I like the idea of tickets a lot.
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    As long as you think they'll use them I think they're great. - and the concert ticket idea sounds fantastic!
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    Since you asked, "If you were a bridesmaid would you like this gift?:
    * Beach bag: I don't go to the beach very often, so I wouldn't get much use out of this. But if I could also use the bag for grocery shopping or overnight trips, I would get a lot of use out of it.

    * Beach Towel (embroidered initials): I would prefer it without my initials.

    * Flip Flops: I can buy flip flops at Old Navy for $5 any time I want them, so I'd hate to see you waste your money on these.

    * Clinique After Sun Lotion: I'm not sure what this is, but since I'm so pale I just get really strong sunscreen so I don't burn, so if this isn't strong then it wouldn't work for me. And, again, I don't go to the beach that often, so this would be wasted on me.
    * Decorated Martini Glass/Margarita Glass filled with cocktail scented body lotions/soaps: I'm sorry, but I find those painted drink glasses to be really gaudy and ugly. I use generic lotion, and I have a ton of scented lotions/soaps that I've received over the years and I've never used, so this is something else that'd just get thrown in a drawer at my house. Not from a lack of appreciation, but because I just don't have the use for them.  

    * And then maybe tickets to a summer concert, sports event, or something different to match their individual interests: I would LOVE this, since I like concerts and hockey/baseball games. If you picked out a show or a game that you know I'd love, this would be an awesome gift.

    * I'm also paying for a day where we get our nails done, and taking them out to lunch: very nice!

    If you want an alternative suggestion, I would scrap the towel, flip flops, lotion, drinking glass and the soaps/lotions, and put that money toward a gift card for each girl to something she'd definitely use it for ... iTunes,, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, a supermarket, a gas station, Barnes & Noble, Cold Stone Creamery, whatever. Or maybe use it to cover the stylist's tips if they all decide to get their hair or makeup done for your wedding.

    I think the tickets would be very generous on their own, so IMO you don't need to go nuts with gifts beyond that. Unless you feel that your BMs really went all out for you in terms of traveling to your wedding, shower/bachelorette expenses, help with planning, etc.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Bridesmaid Gifts: Your Opinion</a>:
    [QUOTE]You could maybe include some tequila and margarita mix with the margarita glass. I'm sure that would be more appreciated than soap and lotion.
    Posted by emilykathleen511[/QUOTE]
    This would be a great substitute for the lotions IMO.
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