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Absolutely Delicious Catering

Any opinions? Good/bad? Any previous experiences with these guys?

Re: Absolutely Delicious Catering

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    ....or Spice of Life Catering? :D
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    I had a tasting with Mike from Spice of Life and I must say they are very flexible, delicious (we tried their hors d'ouvres (sp?) & loved them), professional, and offer good advice. We ended going with someone else that fit in our meager budget, though. But I would recommend Mike & Spice of Life - all in all, they're really not that pricey either.
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    I tasted with both places, as well as several others. Absolutely Delicious was by far the best food I tasted, but it was also the priciest. I found ways to cut the cost (doing my own alcohol and bar setup) and ended up going with Absolutely Delicious, but Spice of Life was definitely my second choice. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks! We have an appointment with Absolutely Delicious (my dad found their website and has been pushing to go and see their crystal room  and to try the food since it does look delicious on the website), and I'm working on making another appointment with a couple others. We'll be going to lots of caterers and cake-makers while in town. Yum! :D
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