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How soon should you ask your wedding party?

My fiance and I are getting married April 6th, 2013. By the time the wedding gets here, we will of been engaged for almost 2 years. We've had our wedding party attendents picked out for about a month now but have not asked them. I'm curious how far in advance is ok to ask them. Sooner than later or Later then sooner? We are 10 months out right now. My fiance is also wanting to ask his guys in a really dorky way because they are all geeks. lol!  Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you everyone! 

Re: How soon should you ask your wedding party?

  • The guideline on here is usually about 8-9 months out from your wedding date, so you could probably ask them at any time.

  • You'll hear 6-8 months as the common answer on these boards.  I don't think 10 months is too soon, but keep in mind that you don't need to start worrying about dresses and whatnot until the 8 month mark at the absolute earliest (really, you could pick BM dresses at some point in the 4-6 month range and be fine at most bridal shops and with most designers).
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  • If you've been engaged for that long, they are probably WAITING for you to ask them ;) I was engaged for a week (by the time we get married only engaged for  7 months, so different I know) and asked my girls...and they acted like I was never going to ask them lol. Definitely don't worry about dresses and such yet...I did it right away (with the shorter engagement) and one girl has already lost 30 lbs....I would say wait til the 4-6 month mark like PP said. My girls are willing to help me with things, so we always make it a girls night, and it's nice having other close people's ideas on the planning! Good luck!
  • i've been wondering this as well - my FI is itching to ask his guys...but i am having a hard time to decide among a couple people.  glad to see that i still have time since our wedding is over a year away.

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    I am getting married in nov 2013 and have already asked my bridesmaids and my fiance already asked his guys. We did this about a month after we got engaged. However most of them knew anyway they were in the wedding since we have a big family most people are family. My sister in law did the same thing, she asked people about a month after she got engaged and her wedding 21 months away. You can ask them now, just make sure they are people  you know and trust because you dont want to take back asking them.
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