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MOH, Co-MOH's, or just bridesmaids.

I have 5 friends who I think I want to ask to be in my wedding. I'm still over a year out, so I have some time to think about it, but I'd love to hear y'all's opinions!

Madison has been a really good friend of mine for the past 6 years. She's the only one I've known longer than I've known my FI. We were really close in college, but she's since moved away and now we're more friends when she's in town, we don't really have the same connection we used to. We still exchange texts and emails, but...I don't know if she's really my Best Friend anymore, if that makes any sense. I feel like if she still lived near me, she'd be the automatic MOH, and she's definitely going to be at least a BM.

Katie is a coworker. We've been working together for almost two years, and she's gotten to be a really good friend. We go out at least once a month other than work, and text every day, and are definitely best Work Friends. But since I've only known her for a year and a half, and we're mainly just friends at work, I don't know if it would be appropriate to ask her to be a MOH or BM.

Girls 3 and 4 are my FI's older sisters, Ainsley and Natalie, and I love them both. They will definitely be in the WP, and I would love to have Natalie as MOH but FI has advised me this will probably cause family drama, and I agree, so I'll be steering clear of that! But could I ask them both to be co-MOH's?

Jamie is another good friend, who is also friends with Madison. We're not AS close as I am to the other girls, but she is someone who I see occasionally and we always have a good time. She is someone I am considering as a BM because I think she's an awesome girl who loves to dance and will bring some fun to the wedding, and who I can see being friends with for a long time.

So what do you guys think? Should I ask Madison or Katie to be MOH? Or should I make them co-MOH's? Ainsley and Natalie as co-MOH's? Or should I just have them all as BMs. They are all unmarried, so I guess having a Matron of Honor is out.

The other thing that's bugging me is that so far FI will only have a Best Man. I know it's ok to have uneven WPs but it feels kind of ridiculous to have one guy and five girls, so should I narrow down my list? I would have just A and N, but then the WP would be all FI's family, and I wouldn't really have anyone who was just there for me.

Sorry, this got long. I'm just trying to work out the logistics in my head, and I don't want anyone to say no, and ahhhhh. Ok, go. Tongue Out
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Re: MOH, Co-MOH's, or just bridesmaids.

  • There's nothing wrong with having them all be bridesmaids. My best friend didn't choose a MOH, however, I stood next to her and signed the certificate. I think that's your best bet for being drama free!
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    I mean, whichever way you choose to go here, you're fine. You could have FI's sisters as Co-MOHs and Madison as a BM, which would solve your problem of having nobody there "just for you," and would also allow you to have a smaller bridal party to work with the one GM.

    It's an honor to be in someone's WP, but that doesn't mean you have to ask EVERYONE. I'm sure the other ladies will be perfectly happy to come as guests, or you could see if any of them want to do a reading or something.

    ETA: I think you already know this, but PLEASE do not ask anyone just yet. By the time it's actually time to choose your WP, some of these issues may have resolved themselves. Friendships can and do change.
  • haha yes, i'm not asking anyone yet. i'm thinking it'll just be Madison as MOH and the sisters as the BMs... just wanted to get opinions.on how this could work. Katie really has become a close friend. Madison is in the city, and it feels like old times hanging out with her, so I'm really leaning toward asking her to be MOH.
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  • Pick whoever you are closest to. My BMs are my 3 best friends and my 2 FSILs. I chose one of my friends as MOH b/c she has a special spot in my heart, and I just wanted her to be my MOH. There are no rules. Just do whatever YOU want to do. Those not in the bridal party *should* feel honored just to be guests!
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  • in mine i have my sister as my Matron of Honor since she is married and a friend that is my Maid of Honor that is unmarried, then i have a younger bridesmaid that is a friend. Do what you feel is best for you and your wedding , who you will feel will do the best job at being there to help when it gets down to the time for ur day.
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