Wedding Party

Wedding Party Gifts

I want my girls to know that I really apprecite them participating in my wedding.

I am trying to think of special gifts other than the jewelry they will be wearing the day of. I need some ideas of special gifts that don't cost hundred of dollars. Any ideas?


Re: Wedding Party Gifts

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    Scroll through the dozens of other posts on this topic and the FAQ--should give you all the inspiration you need.
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    Think of their interests and tastes and shop for them individually.  If you're still stumped at that point, ask their significant other, parent, sibling or friend for ideas.
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    Some girls had great ideas like concert tickets, DVDs, books.  Definitely think, "What would she love for her birthday or Christmas" and don't think wedding themed.

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    i am doing several smaller things in a basket or possibly a personalized tote bag.

    so far i got b&bw wall flowers, wedding day bracelettes, one of those table edge purse hangy thingys, and some magnets. i dont know what else i am going to add, possibly some day-of flip flops. i also made "bridesmaid" t-shirts and personalized hangers
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    THis should be its own topic!  I have been searching & I keep seeing that there are "plenty of posts" but they all say "there are plenty of posts" - ugh!
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