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so i thought i figured out the processional.... then he added a gm.

so this was the walking plan orignally

LeAnna(bridesmaid) and Eric (bridesMAN)
Derek(gm) and Lilly(bm)
Jesus(gm) and Jenny(bm)
Carlos(BM) and Rachel(MOH) 

then my darling fiance added a groomsman, which im fine with, i just need to figure out the best way to adjust the processional.

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Re: so i thought i figured out the processional.... then he added a gm.

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    His GM outnumber our BM 5 to 4.  My groom and groomsmen are seating the mothers grandmothers and then take their place at the altar.  When the actual processionl begins and my BM are walking in alone.
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    I'm a fan of two men escorting one lady.
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    [QUOTE]I'm a fan of two men escorting one lady.
    Posted by banana468[/QUOTE]

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    For the processional, you can have the BMs walk in by themselves. For the recessional (And reception entrance if you're doing one), have one guy escort 2 ladies.

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    I'm all for two GM escorting one BM as well. At my cousin's wedding last week, there was one more GM than BM walked between the two GMs, and it got a nice giggle from the guests :)
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    We had our best man come out with the groom and the officiant. Then the rest came out in pairs (except MOH). You could also do that but then pair the MOH up with someone else. Then when they leave have 2 men escort out 1 woman. 
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:37Discussion:c0eea130-8d0d-4290-b8d9-7c136f22336cPost:5a0eba84-82b9-4670-970c-8d0c9489cad1">Re: so i thought i figured out the processional.... then he added a gm.</a>:
    [QUOTE]Dogs need to be walked. People don't. Your wedding party are adults who have been getting in and out of rooms by themselves for years without difficulty. They won't be traumatized if they have to walk two women per guy, etc, or even by themselves. This is something brides way overthink.

    <strong>Yeah no one ever said i was worried about them walking alone, or being traumatized, I was just trying to find a good way to organize it. I agree that brides over think too much in the wedding, but its not a bad thing to consider logistics when so many people are involved. </strong>

    Do a weave: one man starts down, then a maid, then a man, and the singles simply fall in single file behind.

    <strong>This is a great idea for other brides, but wont work for us because our processional is already very long, its important for us to include our parents, grandparents and my sister-in-laws in the processional, its traditional in our family, so having each wp member walk alone would double the time that that portion of the processional would take.

    I can see this being a great way to solve other brides concerns, or to extend a short processional, or for some people who dont like the idea of married people walking with anyone besides their spouse down the aisle. </strong>

    Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]

    <strong>My MOH liked the idea of 2 men walking with her anyway, so that is the plan. (fi has opted NOT to chose any of his 4 guys as the "best" one so he has 4 Best Men.) who walks with her will be decided by height most likely, since my other girls are shorter than her.
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    We had 2 BM with 1 GM for our recessional, so just do the opposite (2 GM escort 1 BM).  Or have the BMs walk in solo (which we did for our processional) and have the GM up at the front with your FI.  DH liked having his friends and brother up there with him for a few minutes beforehand.  

    Problem solved.
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