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how much do you spend on gifts for wedding party?

thinking of nice charm bracelets with a diff charm for each BM ... not sure how much to spend though... BM dresses will be less than $200 that they'll pay for... do i have to match that cost, or 1/2 that cost?

Re: how much do you spend on gifts for wedding party?

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    Charm bracelets sound great has a gift, if you know that your WP likes that kind of thing, It all depends on what you and FI decide on a budget for that. I don;t plan on spending any more than 50 a piece for each attendant, Its not the value of the gift but the thought of honoring them,
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    What you spend on gifts has nothing to do with what they're paying on dresses. Although if you are asking them to pay a lot for attire (not really saying you just brides in general), you should get them something special for putting out so much.  You and your FI should decide what you have in the budget for gifts and go from there.

    DH and I spent about $50 per WP member.
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    IMO, it should be a reflection of the friendship and the honor that they're doing - not so much a certain dollar amount.

    That said, if you know they have to incur a large cost to be in the wedding, a cheap gift would be out of place.  What you propose sounds lovely as long as it's their style.
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    I'm spending about $40 each on my attendants, FI is spending about $50 each on his.  The girls are choosing their own dresses, so how much they spend is entirely up to them.  This also doesn't include the expenses that we're covering for those who need it.
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    You should consider the cost and style of your wedding, too, not just how much they're spending. As a BM, if I knew the couple were having a champagne fountain, a 5 course meal, and a huge, paid-for day after brunch, I might think a $10 gift was out of place, you know?
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