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Best man?....Not in my eyes

Ok so my FI has 3 brothers, he could not decide on which one to make the best man, so to make things fair I suggested the oldest brother. So thats what he did. Now let me give you some background on the "relationship" between his brother and I.... we dislike eachother. He is very cocky and always tells stories about the girls he has slept with, and doesnt care who knows it or is offended by it. Drinks too much, and very immature as well.  Im always.... almost always nice to him, but I cant stand the fact that he keeps saying he is going to throw a bachlor party with strippers and whores. I know that my FI would never cheat on me, but it the fact that he is going aginst our wishes and just being a royal pain in the ass. Im afraid of what he will do at the wedding. I hate the fact that he is the best man  If it was up to me he wouldnt even be invited to the wedding, but he is FI brother.... so I guess I just have to deal with it. Any advice on how to keep me from killing him, and wedding running smooth?
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