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How to make my MOH stand out?

My sister is my maid of honor and she is very special to me. I feel like she needs to somehow stand out from  my other bridesmaids. She really likes the bridesmaid dress I picked out and I love it on her. I was wondering how I could make her stand out, other than putting her in a different dress and color? Does anyone have any ideas?

Re: How to make my MOH stand out?

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    You really don't need to make her stand out.  It is pretty obvious who she is because of where she stands.  Also, anyone who knows her knows she is the MOH and anyone who doesn't won't care.

    However, some thing you can do are:  Put her in a different color, give her a sash, give her a different bouquet, give her a nice broach that she can wear, or a nice hair piece
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    If a sash would look nice with the dress, she can be the only one wearing a sash. Or she can wear a different-colored sash than the other BMs.

    You could also give her a different bouquet, or maybe she could wear a brooch or a hairpiece. Maybe let her wear a different color shoe than the other BMs.

    But remember that people will realize that she's MOH because she's standing next to you and if you're having the wedding party introduced at the reception, and she might be listed as such in your program if you're having them. And also realize that people may not notice small details like a different bouquet or shoe color or hairpiece.

    Still, it's nice that you want to treat her special.
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    i agree with blackfire a sash a different bouquet a pin or broach all good ideas.
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    At our DD's wedding, her sister (MOH) had a sash that matched the color of the one of the bride's dress.  The other girls had a different colored sash. 

    But it was pretty clear that our younger DD was MOH when she stood through the whole ceremony holding two bouquets.....  ;)
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    I didn't have my sis/MOH stand out, but at her wedding, she carried calla lilies and the bridesmaids carried yellow roses.  My bouquet was a mix of the two flowers, which made a nice transition.
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    My MOH and BMs all wore the same dress and carried the same flowers but MOH's shawl was a different color. 
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    My MOH didn't stand out.  Didn't mean it was any less special.  The guests don't really care who the MOH is anyway, and no matter what you do to make her "special" they will assume it's whomever stands closest to the bride on her side.  
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    I'm not doing anything to make my MOH stand out. Though, she is about 5 inches taller than me and the 2 BMs, so she kinda stands out on her own, lol.

    If you're doing dresses that have sashes, give her a different color. Or if nobody else has one, maybe see if one would work with the dress and just let her have it.. There is also the option of just getting the dress in a different color (Which is a big trend where I'm from). Also giving her a different bouquet, whether it be a little larger, or have different flowers.

    I wouldn't bother with things like giving her different jewelry or something (If your girls aren't picking their own), because honestly, people rarely pay attention to things like jewelry or shoes.

    Even if you wind up not doing anything, people will still know who she is, so try not to overthink it.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for all of the suggestions! Maybe I won't do anything afterall. I do like the idea of making her bouquet a little different though.
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    My MOH is wearing a different color dress, as well as a different style.
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    At our wedding, my MOH (who was also my sis) stood next to me, held his ring, and had a bigger bouquet than the rest of the bms. She also signed the marriage license. Oh, and gave a speech. THAT'S how she stood out.
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    I was MOH in my sister's wedding this summer.  My bouquet was a little different and my dress had a corset back.  So the differences were pretty subtle in terms of look.  I wasn't too concerned with it, though.  I got to stand next to her and give the speech; everyone knew who I was. :)
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