Wedding Party

BM dilemma

I havent picked my BMs yet, although i know for sure my 2 sisters will for sure be in it, I also am planning on one of my best friends laura to be in it. 

The Dilemma:
Well i have two other best friends who i have been super close with since HS and I love to pieces. On the other hand my FI has 2 sisters as well, and only has his heart set on 3 groomsmen- he will add guys if needed he said. But i dont want a huge wedding party, thinking 5 max. Who do I choose?? My 2 best friends from hs or his two sisters who i am not really close with. I thought about having the sisters do readings at the wedding but is that good enough? Would it be wierd to maybe have them be the ushers??
- I already plan on having a different close friend who is super organized and crafty be my personal assistant so that idea is out.

Help please!! Thanks!
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