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I'm having a destination wedding. Who pays for the flight and/or the hotel? Myself or my girls?

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    The girls.

    If you can pay for some or all of their trip, well then that is spectacular, but in no way required.

    EDIT: oh, and you really are having a destination wedding!  Enjoy the Bahamas!  I hate when people call a wedding somewhere normal a "destination wedding"  because people need hotel rooms/travel.  No.  Destination implies vacation, fun in the sun, real time off work, not just a hotel room on a Saturday night and a long drive.  The latter there is called a normal wedding.  And yes, I freely admit that this just my opinion.  :-)
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    Joy's right, they pay just as they would pay to get to your wedding if it were in your hometown and they were OOT. If they absolutely can't pay, and you have room in your budget, nothing's stopping you from helping out - that would be very generous. And of course it's free to you to offer to help them find cheaper/more convenient flights, deals on hotels, etc, so that's something you can do to help make it easier for them.
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    They pay, though if you can kick in to help with their expenses, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated.
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    They pay but you should do your best to help keep travel expenses as low as possible.  Working with an agent can help.
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    They do, but I would do whatever you can to make it cost-effective for them.

    Be prepared for a lot of people (not just the WP) to not be able to come.  A friend of mine had a DW this summer and less than half her guest list attended, many of whom would have had she gotten married where she or her family lived.  She had the location of her dreams, but very few people to share it with her.  I don't know if she would have made the same decision if she knew then what she knows now.  Just something to think about.
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    My girls are paying for themselves.  But I am trying to keep an eye out on good travel deals.  And I made sure that everyone was planning on coming in the first place before I asked them. 
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