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Best gift for Bridesmaids?

I am trying to think of a really good gift for my bridesmaids...  any suggestions?  What is your favorite Bridesmaid gift?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Best gift for Bridesmaids?

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    My bridesmaids tease me about being prissy because my engagement rock is from Tiffany & Co and that's all the man buys me. As a joke, and because I know they will love them, I got them each a different piece from Tiffany's. It totally depends on your budget but if you're looking to spend about 100$ a piece, check it out! Cute stuff. :)

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    Don't buy them all the same gift.  Think as though you were shopping for their birthdays.  
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    I think anything thoughtful that you know fits their personality will be perfect.  I think Spa gift cards or spa days are also an awesome idea if your friends are into pampering.

    Advice on what not to give is something they are required to wear for your wedding since that is not really a "gift" for them.  My friend got us all matching necklaces (in a color that matched the BM dresses) that we were required to wear to the wedding.  Love her, but after spending $500+ on dress/alterations/hair/gift/makeup that "gift" seemed kind of thoughtless.
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    Anything they will enjoy and can get some use out of. The gifts don't need to match and shouldn't be themed around your wedding.

    Most of the "typical bridesmaid gifts" I've seen on wedding websites look like pure junk. And I will never understand the popularity of monogrammed items (tote bags, jewelry rolls, t-shirts) and flip-flops as bridesmaid gifts ... I've never known a woman who enjoys monograms that much, and flip-flops are three bucks at Old Navy if someone really wants them.
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    Best gift i ever got was a Mary Kay make-up travel cosmetic kit (the bride was working for Mary Kay at the time) with each of the pockets filled with goodies - including some make up in tones that complement my skin color. I use that thing and all the stuff in it constantly.
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