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Alternative to Flower Girl?

Any ideas on possibilities for two little girls age 10 and 11? I feel like they're too old to be bridesmaids, but too young to be jr. bridesmaids (and I don't really like that position anyway). We definitely want to include them, but aren't sure what we should have them do. Any ideas?
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Re: Alternative to Flower Girl?

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    Ask them what they'd like to do?  They're only too old to be flower girls if they tell you so.  If they say they'd like to be bridesmaids, that's fine.  They can wear an appropriate dress, walk down the aisle, stand respectfully for the ceremony, and smile for pictures just the same as the adult bridesmaids, no "junior" title necessary.
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    Ask them what they'd like to be. Jr. bm is just a silly title. They would be bms. 
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    Do you want them in the actual wedding party? How about sitting at guest book, ceremony readers, or maybe special music during the ceremony if they sing or play an instrument?
    To go back to the guestbook thing, I'll always remember our first cousin to get married asked my sister and I to sit at the table, and we were very honored! She even took us to get our hair done with her and her bridal party on the day of the wedding, and it made us feel so included! (we were about 11 and 13ish then)
    Although if you do want them in the wedding party, if you don't even like the jr. bridesmaid title, just ask them to be bridesmaids?
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