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I'm working on figuring out the gifts for the bridal party... and could use some help/opinions.

So far I got each of them a tote bag witht their name on it (in their favorite color) flip flops for the reception and jewelry (spent probably about $25 on each girl)  So I'm stuck with what else to get them.  The jewelry is silver so I'm pretty sure they could wear it again.

I was either going to get them all lotion, body spray and candles from Bath and Body Works, or gift cards to their favorite store, or I can probably do both and scale back a bit, $25 at BBW and $25 gift card...

What do you think?

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Re: Bridal Party Gifts

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    I don't know about everyone else,  but personalized tote bags are a big no no for me. I don't want things with my names on them. First off, I know my name and am not planning on forgetting it. Second, I DON'T want everyone in NYC to know my name. And how many tote bags can one girl have, seriously?!

    The gifts don't have to match. In fact, you should shop like it's their birthday. Do your girls like lotions and soap? For me, it sends the message of "I think you smell." Tongue out And do your girls like flip flops? I don't like the Old Navy ones because they hurt my feet.

    Wow, I sound like a negative person in this post, but I am really a nice person.

    If you want to know, I got one of my bms a necklace of Edward Scissorhands' hand, another one got an elasamasaurus necklace (because she was squealing about it), I got another one laser cut earrings, and another one rockies tickets. 
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    Shop for each girl like you would at her birthday or Christmas - the point being that you take each person's taste and style into consideration rather than getting everything the same exact thing (or a variation on it - everyone gets lotions / candles). Speaking for myself, those are super generic gifts and I have a whole cabinet of lotions and candles....

    Example - I am getting one of my friends a cookbook from a bakery I know she adores the food from...I am getting one a gift card to the theater since she's a major movie buff and always going to see movies...another one will be getting some wine and chocolates & a book store gift card since she enjoys wine / chocolates / reads alot...

    You know your friends best - think personal (NOT the same as personalized!) and tailor the gifts to them. They'll appreciate it and the lotions won't go into the back of the bathroom closet with the other 10 they probably already have.
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    I would go for the gift cards to their favorite store so it seems a little more personal. You've already gotten the tote bags and the jewelry, so I wouldn't worry about that now, but just add the gift card or another personalized gift.
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    As a not-really-a-gift, I'm getting a gift bag with silver flip-flops (they are buying their own shoes for the wedding but might want to take them off, and I know they like ON) and the getting-ready tanks that say "Maid of Honor." I'm doing tanks b/c we all layer just about everything we wear, so they can wear them under tanks, tees, scrubs, etc later. (Seriously, who would want to wear a MOH shirt after the wedding?) My mom does vinyl press and embroidery, so personalization isn't super special to us anymore.  And I definitely agree about not wanting people to know my name.

    As their real gifts, I'm doing gift cards. They are super difficult to buy for (we all are, we buy what we want ourselves), so GCs are the way to go. If I were you, I'd stick to stores you know that they shop at anyway.
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    My sister got be a tote that said "bridesmaid" and a bunch of lotions and soaps.  The former went to Goodwill, the latter went to the trash.  Really, any tote would have gone to Goodwill, personalized or not.  I'm not a tote bag sort of girl.  Flip-flops and jewelry bought for me would also be wasted money.

    My attendants are all getting leatherbound copies of Grimm's Fairy Tales.  I was going to get them each a different book, but I think they'll all really like it.  I got them on eBay to keep it in my budget.
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    I'm with stina.  I never, ever use personalized anything.  I have a very unusual name (I've only ever met one other person with my name) and I hate "monogrammed" anything.  And I just don't need another tote.  I would simply be donating it to our church's clothing drive.

    I also have very sensitive skin, so can't use those B&BW things.  I also think that when I get those, it's sort a clear indication "I didn't really know what to get for you, so this generic lotion will work".

    And a MOH or BM tank top would NEVER, ever, ever be worn again, layered or not.

    Honestly, (again, I agree with stina) I'm sounding mean.  If someone gave me that, I'd ooh and aah and thank them.  Then I'd go home and get rid of them. 

    I'd much rather get a GC to a restaurant or movie theater.  That, I'd use and enjoy.  Or a GC from Amazon to get books for my Kindle.   That would be amazing.
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    I think that your gifts sound great. I would love a personlaized tote...maybe initials though rather than name, but that is still cute. I think it is very thoughtful and shows that you put time into selecting and purchasing it. Then if you also throw in the jewelry and a gift card, I think that is a great gift.

    Good work! :)
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    Do THEY use totes??   If a bride gave me one, I'd give her a bit of the side eye if she gave it to me thinking it was the "best" give ever.

    But my mom when she was teaching LOVED totes.   So it all depends on the type of BM that they are.

    And if they're different, different gifts are FINE.
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