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Who pays for what?

Hi everyone, 

I'm new to this board and getting married in 4 months. I'm looking into hiring a makeup artist and hair stylist for myself--my question is, who should pay for the bridesmaids? If I want them to have their hair done, should I be responsible for paying for it? They have already paid for their dress, and I am giving them each earrings and a bracelet as a gift. Also, for makeup, each of them really wear minimal to no makeup daily, so I'm not sure how to proceed with this. Please share your experience and advice! 

Re: Who pays for what?

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    If you are requiring them to have either hair or makeup done, then you are responsible for paying for it.

    IIf you make profeesional hair and make-up optional, then you don't have to foot the bill. You can just tel them that H/M will be X amount of dollars, and will be available for X times, and to let you know if they want you to make them an appointment. But, if you do that, you can't get your panties in a twist if none of them want to pay for someone else to do their make-up and hair
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    If you want them to have their hair and makeup done then you need to pay for it.  The earrings and bracelet, if you're having them wear it as part of their attire for the wedding then it's not really a gift, it's their accessories.
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    Thanks Ladies! I appreciate your feedback and advice. 
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    If you say, "I want you to get your makeup done" (even if you let them select the stylist), you have to pay.

    If you say, "I booked a makeup artists for myself and she charges $x for bridesmaids if you want yours done, but you don't have to use her" ... then they can pay if they want it done. Or they can do it themselves.

    Ditto for hair and nails. Also, if you are asking them to get specific shoes, you need to pay ... if you say, "Wear black/silver/gold/whatever shoes of your choice," then they can pay.

    Also, ditto jagore that jewelry for your wedding should not be their only gift. Add something personal to that ... something each of them would enjoy and something that's not related to your wedding.
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    Aside from the dress, anything you make mandatory for them to wear on the day of your wedding is something you pay for.
    This include, but is not limited to, jewelry, make-up, and hair.

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    Ditto the other ladies.

    If you want their hair and makeup done then you need to pay for it.  If it's optional then you can give them the option of paying for it.

    Also, giving jewelry is a fine gift but if you're requiring it for wear at the wedding then it should not be the only gift since that's more of a requirement than a present.
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