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Male MOH?

Hello everyone!  I am hoping for a little help with this situation.  Currently I am planning on having my best friend, who happens to be a gay man, as my "MOH" plus I will have three bridesmaids, who all happen to be my cousins.  My FI is planning on having a best man and three groomsman... so our party will have an even number... but with my MOH being a guy as well, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this situation?  How are you handling walking up the aisle and entrance into the reception and BP dance?? Also, did you have your male MOH hold your bouquet and fix your dress and stuff at the ceremony? 

Re: Male MOH?

  • You could have 2 girls walk up the aisle with one GM on each arm (so one BM/two GM).

    Or they could all walk separately.

    As far as him holding the flowers, I would talk to him about it.
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    My brother is my MOH, so I'm in the same position (having an "extra" guy in the mix).  We're planning on having the groomsmen waiting up at the altar with FI, so my brother and the BMs will all enter solo.  On the way out, my brother and the best man will probably just walk down the aisle solo, followed by everyone else in pairs. 

    I haven't really thought about the bouquet situation - most likely I'll have him hold them.  He's not going to explode from holding flowers for five minutes, and to me it's no different than, say, asking FI to hold your purse when you go to try something on while shopping or something.  As far as fixing the dress and all that jazz, he's a huge klutz so I'll defer to the girls on that front, but if your friend is good with that stuff and doesn't mind doing it, I don't think it'd be weird for him to do the "traditional" MOH stuff at the wedding.
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  • OK good ideas, thanks guys! I was just worried, probably because my mom planted the idea in my head that it was not the traditional thing to do so there would be complications. But I think it will be fine. You are right, I'll just talk to my MOH and see what he wants to do, and we'll probably act accordingly.
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    Oh, and one more thing - skip the bridal party dance.  It's boring for your guests and mortifying for your bridal party.  If you must do one, let the bridal party dance with their proper dates, regardless of whether those dates are also members of the bridal party or not.  That way you'll at least avoid super-awkward pairings.
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    He can walk sidebyside with the Best Man. And they can be introduced at the same time at the reception ... "Please welcome the Best Man, X, and the Man of Honor, Y!" or "Our honor attendants, X and Y!" Even when heterosexual manwoman pairs are walking together or being introduced together at a wedding, it doesn't mean that they are a couple or are romantically linked in any way. Same principle applies to a pair of men, regardless of sexual orientation. And it's not like they have to hold hands or link arms to walk together of be introduced together. Skip the bridal party dance, no matter what your situation is. Nobody wants to watch it, people hate to participate in it, and it's just one more boring, antiquated thing that slows the party down. If your reason for doing it is that you don't want you and your fianc in the spotlight by yourselves, then invite the BP members to join you with their own dates, not their walking partners. Or ask ALL your couples to join you ... we did this about one minute into our first dance and everyone seemed to like it.
  • For the love of god, don't do a wedding party dance.  *shudder*

  • I have a bridesman so the wedding party is going to walk singly down the aisle and no, he's not holding a bouquet!

    As for helping you with other things, I think he's definitely capable of fixing your dress and the rest of your girls can help you also.  Have you thought about the shower, is he going to host it?
  • I was kind of thinking as far as the bridal party dance to just let them dance with their own dates or not have it at all.. not sure what I'll do yet!

    As far as the shower, my MOH will probably host it jointly with my mom.  I'm going to see him this weekend so I'll ask him more specifically about what all he wants to do or be involved with or not or what he is comfortable doing. He already agreed to be my MOH! So I'm sure he'll be OK with most things.

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