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Mary Coop/A Very Good Hair Day

I contacted Mary (she sounds great) but she'll be out of town on my wedding day.  Any comments on her assistants?  Particularly Rebecca?

I'm just really nervous about this -- I already wasted money on a trial run and ended up hating it!

Thanks everyone!

Re: Mary Coop/A Very Good Hair Day

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    Just t clarify -- the bad trial run was with someone else, not Mary Coop.
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    I had a trial with Mary.   I don't have any experience with her assistants but Mary was really great!  She was fun and easy to feel comfortable with.  She asked for guidance and was comfortable giving suggestions.   And most of all, she was always happy and ready to keep working to get it right.  Never any eye rolls or sighing or anything negative.  She was a doll! 

    I will say that all of Mary's assistants work for salons as well.  One of them works for an Aveda salon and I don't remember where the others are at.  I'm sure Mary will be happy to share that info.  And she said that all of the assistants are better at the hair and makeup than she is.  I  think she was being modest but if she feels good about it, I think i'd feel ok too.  Plus you may be able to have the trial with Rebecca directly since Mary will not be available. 
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