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i have a large wedding party, there are 4 bridesmaids and 1 jr bridesmaid.  So 5 girls total.  I know part of the risk of having younger BM's are !they might get pregnant so don't plan to early!  So I waited until February to look at dresses, and to save on cost, I bought the fabric myself and am having my aunt (who is a seamstress) make the dresses.  The pattern I chose was going to work for all my girls which ranged in sizes 1-20.  With that large of a size range it wasn't going to look GREAT but it would look good.  Anyway we got all the girl's measurements and she started on the dresses. As she was finishing on the third dress we find out 2 are pregnant and although one of the pregnant girls is still in the size range another is no longer & another BM has had some personal problems and gained a little and is also no longer in the size ranges. 

I love them all, or I wouldn't have asked them to be in it.  But I don't want anyone to "feel" miserable on the day of the wedding because the dresses don't look right on them.  Do you think I should start over with a new pattern, or what? I'm just not sure at this point.  TIA
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    I would stick with the same pattern for the ones (pregnant or not) who are happy with it, and let the unhappy people alter the pattern as necessary for them to like it. They can either find a similar pattern or ask the dressmaker to adjust the problem areas (maybe the neckline, add some ruching in the belly area to make it more flattering, whatever).

    Assuming you bought the same fabric for all of them, people aren't going to notice small differences. People probably wouldn't even notice larger differences, either. But people WILL notice if the dresses are unflattering and/or the girls are unhappy, so making them all wear the exact same pattern just for the sake of uniformity just makes no sense if that winds up being the case. My BMs were in different necklines and you couldn't even tell.

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