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Bridesmaid Dresses Help!

I really like this dress for my bridesmaids...something simple, wearable and something they can really make their own. I'm thinking same dress, but my girls can accessorize them any way they want, to really show their personalities. Only thing is, it only comes in black and I was looking for something in a blue or a gray. My color palette is much more subdued (gray, blue, ivory) and I feel like this black would be too bold. Anyone know of similar dresses that they have seen on other sites that come in more than one color? Places to look? Or should I look at just getting them made? Thanks, ladies! … Style-9935
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Re: Bridesmaid Dresses Help!

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    That looks like the type of dress you would find at Anthropologie.

    question: did you have any of your girls try on a dress like this style? it won't look great on every body type so before you decide on it permanently, you need to make sure it works for everyone. Another idea is to let them wear any navy or gray dress from a different designer.
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