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My 2 year old nephew is going to be my RB. I just assumed that he would wear a tux. His mom (sis-in-law) called me the other day to let me know she found the perfect thing for him to wear.... White shortall's..(i think that is what they are called) when I told her I didn't like them she called my mom, future sis-in-law, and future mother-in-law. Now they are all trying to persuade me. I don't really mind him not wearing a tux, but I really don't like what she wants him to wear. My wedding is going to be outside at night on June 5. It is formal and that little outfit just doesn't go. Do any of you have any ideas of what he could wear?

P.S. My dress is not even white. it is ivory and my flower girl dresses will be too


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    I would just tell her that you think the shortalls (I don't know what those are) aren't cute and don't match.  Then ask her to dress him in black or khaki pants and a white shirt.  You could offer to buy them for her if you think that $$ is an issue. 

    I can see where renting a tux for a 2 year old is a little obsurd.  That's a lot of money!
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    Are you saying that the attire that she's picked is a jumpsuit?

    Technically even if a formal wedding, a child doesn't wear a tux.  OOT would remember the attire better than I can but it sounds like if you're insisting on something, you may  need to pay for it.
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    What about just dark khakis and a nice sweater or dress shirt and tie?  At 2, he may get scared at the last minute and be unwilling to walk, so maybe she just doesn't want to invest in a tux rental or make him more uncomfortable.
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    Yeah, I think putting a tux on a 2 year old is a bit over the top. However, if you don't like what she has picked out, then suggest an alternative. I think a button down shirt and black slacks will be fine.
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    Also, its HOT at night in Mississippi in June. Uncomfortable kids generally do not behave very well. Perhaps letting him wear a darker colored jumper will be more appropriate. Even if its formal, please don't make a kid wear a long sleeved shirt outside in June..
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    I personally think mini-tuxes are creepy.  They're the male equivalent of mini-brides.

    Unless you are going to pay for the RB attire, let his mom pick something out.  FWIW:  Shortalls are not necessarily casual, and he can look adorable for your wedding pictures.

    Do you really think that people will run out clutching their pearls if the attire on a TWO YEAR OLD isn't "formal" enough?

    This is so not a big deal.
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    I googled toddler formal wear and came up with this site:

    perhaps you can find something there that would be comfortable in June.. for a 2 year old.

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    Thank ya'll. It isn't really about the money. What she wants him to wear costs just as much as the tux does. I live in North MS. It gets cool at night in early June.

    I like the khaki/dark pant ideas. His mom just REALLY likes the shortalls.

    what kind of shirt could he wear?
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    Hmm.  I would think that black shorttails with a white shirt underneath could still look fairly formal.  But pants and a button up shirt will be just fine, too.
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    I'm thinking a white button up shirt.  I think 2 is probably too young for a tie, but I don't know much about kids.  I think a polo shirt would be fine for him too.  Maybe you could find a little polo that matches your colors?
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    I just wanted to say that I was a FG at around age 4 and at the exact moment I was supposed to walk down the aisle, I started screaming and crying and wouldn't do it so my mom had to carry me (big screaming, crying mess that I was) down the aisle. So I was going to say that maybe that was what his mom was thinking but then you said $$$ isn't that important so maybe not.

    Personally, I agree with you about the shortalls. I looked at the site someone provided and I think they're fugly.

    A tux may be a little much for such a young child but either khaki or black (to match the GMs, I assume) pants with an ivory button down shirt? I can't see a child doing well with a tie, at least not that young.

    Basically, she was wrong to call everybody and obviously, as the bride, you do have a very strong say in what your RB wears. Just do it in a polite way and I'm sure she'll be fine. Black pants and a shirt isn't that unreasonable. GL.
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    I really don't like the shortails too much either, but I think putting him is a cute polo that matches your colors would be cute, if you can;t get mom to budge.

    The site sarah put up has some really cute options if his mom might really like the shorts idea. The little white option is precious.

    Where in MS are you? We live in Hattiesburg.
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    Thanks for all of your help!
    I'm sure I will figure something out!

    I'm from Tupelo :)
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    I agree with PPs that a tux is unnecessary, and since this is a kid you should definitely work with his parents to see what they like and he will reasonably wear. But a short version of overalls in my mind has no place at anything other than an informal backyard wedding.
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    TUPELO!!! I have family up there. :D

    As a mom, I've never liked shortalls on boys. I think they're kind of... femme. White/ivory is a huge contrast to me, and as a guest at a friend's wedding a few years ago, it bothered me that her veil was white but her dress was ivory. Admittedly, I'm a little OCD, but others are bound to notice. Is it that big of a deal? Notsomuch.

    The issue is, you don't like the shortalls and I don't blame you. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT tell the SIL that you think they aren't cute - new-ish mommies get offended about stuff like that. Just tell her it doesn't really go with the rest of the WP look and offer a suggestion. I think the shirt/pants idea is your best bet. No white. GL :)
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    My 2 nephews were a bit older (6 and 7), but they wore gray pants from WalMart and a white short sleeved shirt.  The men wore gray suits.

    Why don't you suggest to go shopping together so that you can both decide?  And if you really want a say, pay for the clothes.

    I also agree that a baby tux is incorrect and just wrong on so many levels.
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    I'm thinking shortalls are overalls, but short (as in not pants). Is this right? Either way, money might be the issue. If you really want him in a tux offer to help pay for it. If he just won't wear one and she knows it. Ask if he would be comfortable in a pair of black slacks and a nice button shirt.
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    The  correct attire for a young RB is an Eton Suit.  There's a picture of one in that link above.

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    We found a cute 4-piece outfit matching the wedding colors at a local department store.  It's pants, a button-up shirt, vest and a clip-on tie.  My ring bearer will be 3 when we get married and I agree that a tux would be over the top.  Good luck!
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