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Not sure what color shoes and jewelry with this dress..

These are the dresses that the bridesmaids will be wearing and we aren't sure what color shoes will work best and what color jewelry as well..the picture shows silver but other girls mentioned nude...I am fine with whatever they decide but what jewelry would go best with nude if they went with that? We are getting married in July with a 3:00pm ceremony if that helps..

Re: Not sure what color shoes and jewelry with this dress..

  • Sorry forgot mention Thanks and I appreciate any advice you ladies have!
  • is that Guava from DB? if so, they have those colorrific shoes you can order to match the dresses and then do pearls or silver jewelry.

    or you can do nude shoes with pearls.
  • They are actually Alfred Angelo dresses in their color Petunia
  • I've been a bridesmaid several times lately (in addition to being a bride)...not one has cared what jewelry we wear.

    Does it really matter what jewelry they wear? Could you allow each bridesmaid to wear jewelry that she feels fits her personality?
  • No I don't mind at all..they can wear whatever they would like..we were just discussing it and none of them really knew what colors would go better with which color shoes....I just figured since I was asking advice on the shoes I would throw that in there too
  • Either nude or silver shoes would look nice. Maybe ask your BMs which they would prefer and make a decision from that? And I think any silver or gold jewelry would look fine; as long as you don't have one in big chunky costume jewelry or something, I don't think anyone will notice.

    photo fancy-as-fuck.jpg
  • Tell them either color shoe would be fine. 

    FWIW, my engagement ring is white gold and I have an very large yellow gold monogram ring on my ring hand. I would be absolutely horrified if someone asked me to wear one or the other. Seriously, no one would notice. You'll be too busy getting married :) 

  • I would definitely do nude shoes, but I'm not a big fan of silver shoes- to me, they look like prom shoes. I agree with PP that pearls would be pretty.
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  • I think that either silver or nude shoes would look good.  I would let them wear whatever jewelery they like.  I think that either silver or gold jewelery would look fine.
  • Thanks for the advice, They were asking me I am not making them do anything or wear anything. I wasn't sure what would look better so I figured I would ask other brides their opinion.

  • I have been a bridesmaid before and enjoyed having a little direction with what to wear.  I think that if you choose the shoe color (I like the nude idea) and the jewlery base color (I like gold) and mention that you want the jewlery to be subltle they will have the freedom to work within parameters that will make you comfortable. 
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