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What does your marriage license look like?

Just curious if Bexar or Kendall County looks different :)
We're going to get ours this week!

Re: What does your marriage license look like?

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    Yes, they look different. I personally think that Bexar county's is prettier- it's sort of antique looking and very decorative. I think Kendall's is just plain, but I'm not totally sure.
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    I had scanned mine into our computer before we got married, so I thought I'd go ahead and show you what ours from Bexar County looks like. I have no idea what Kendall County's looks like, but I do think the Bexar one is really cool looking.

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    Just to add in on this board, when is the ideal time to get the marriage license? I was going to wait until 2 weeks before the wedding, but after seeing reality bridal shows, there can be instances in which you don't leave the same day with your license-and I don't want to have that happen!
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    We got ours almost a full month before the wedding because that was the only time DH would be in town until a few days before the wedding. Just make sure you do get it so your wedding will take place before the license expires (31 days), and you also have to get it at least 72 hours before the ceremony.  We did not have any troubles at all getting it. It only took like 15 min maybe. Just make sure you're prepared with all of the documents you need (I think we just showed our drivers licenses and social security cards) and $66 in cash (they have an ATM at or near the Bexar County courthouse in case you forget to bring cash, another couple had to go use it while we there, and they can give change).

    Here is a link to the Bexar County courthouse instructions for applying for a marriage license:
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    What county are you supposed to get the marriage license in? Where you live or where you're getting married?
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    Hello!  In response to your question the Bexar County license is a beautiful decorative license with various Texas themes surrounding in the border area.  Other licenses from other counties are not as attractive.  Just and FYI - IF you get a license in Bexar county it does require two witness signatures while the other counties do not!  Another thing to consider is the other counties do not have long lines if that's an issue.  No matter where you get them they are only good for 30 days.  So get them ahead of time but not too far ahead of time.  Don't forget they do need to be filed once you've been married.

    Best Wishes!

    rev. Judith

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