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Bridesmaid Dress Drama

Okay so my wedding is June 18th and I have 5 bridesmaids.  All of the bridesmaid dresses are coming from David's Bridal but each girl has a different dress that they picked out.  I thought this would be good because they can wear them again (the color is Navy) and if they can't afford one of the expensive styles they don't have to pick it.

I thought things were going to go smoothly...According to David's Bridal the girls need to order their dresses by the end of this month, or the beginning of February.  Everyone agreed to that, it wasn't a problem.  One of my bridesmaids is a co-worker.  I was just in her office when she tells me that she's decided to not order her dress until March.  At first I was willing to just say, "No, they need to be ordered when we all agreed..." but then she threw in that she has to wait until her tax money comes in to order the dress.   I know she struggles with money but what kills me is that this dress is on sale for $35!! Why is she just now telling me this!?!!   I'm a super laid back bride...I've had no issues with other stuff but this is irking my obsessively organized personality.  Now I am more than willing to pay for  the dress and she can pay me back, but she's not the type to, as she says, "accept charity" like that...suggestions?
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