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Is 3 too young for a flower girl?  I'm to the point where I don't even want to have a flower girl or ring bearer because I do not know any little kids.  Help!!!  Any ideas? 
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  • As long as she can walk, which I assume a 3 year old can, I'd say she should be fine. My sister will be 4 and she is our FG. 

    You may also wish to consider her temperment and how she is around crowds/lots of people she does not know. However, if you and your FI don't want to have child attendants, it's completely fine to not have them. NBD. 
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  • If you're scrounging to find someone for the role DON"T have one.  FG/RB is for the children in your life you can't imagine not having with you on your wedding day.

    If there's a 3 yo you really want as your FG then that's fine.  3's probably old enough, but be prepared for things to not go perfectly that day - she might be crabby, or shy, or asleep when the time to walk down the aisle comes.  So if that will drive you nuts then, again, skip the kids.
  • I think that 3 is really a toss up. I was a flower girl at 3, a very well-spoken little kid and outgoing, but when it came time to do my little job, I turned the other direction and walked back down the aisle. My dad had to catch me make me walk. Even the smartest, happiest little kid can freak out in front of a crowd. However, maybe you know of a little starlet who loves attention. I think it depends on the kid.

    If you don't have a special child in mind though, it is perfectly fine to skip the flower girl. We didn't have any child attendants and I am happy with that. Nobody missed it and it was one less thing to go wrong. If you pick one, my advice would be to have it be a child that is special to you rather than finding one to fill a spot, just like one would do with the rest of the WP.
  • My FG was three at the time of the wedding. She was more concerned about getting down the aisle than she was dropping the petals, but oh well. As PPs said, there are things you need to consider when having a young FG. She may get nervous or forget what she's supposed to do, but that's something you'll just have to let roll off and not bother you.
    It's also fine to not have children in your wedding. My friend didn't and no one noticed. NBD.
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  • Three out of the last four weddings I went to didn't have children in the wedding party at all.  The fourth only had a rice passer-outer, who didn't have to walk down the aise.  If you don't want one, you don't need one.
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