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Long dresses, short dresses or both!!!


So I need some help with what my bridal party is wearing.  Because I have such a large bridal party (1 MOH, 6 bridesmaids and 1 jr. bridesmaid) that are all different shapes and sizes, I told them they could pick out their own dresses as long as it's in the color (black) and it's not strapless.  Originally I told them knee length dresses but when I took a couple of my bridesmaids shopping last weekend, they liked and looked way better in long dresses!!! So should they all have long dresses now or can some have long and some have short?? I totally want them to be comfortable and look good, but would it look weird (in pictures) to have the different lengths?!?!  My wedding is in October and an indoor ceremony/reception so either could work regardless of the weather.

Please help!!!!

Re: Long dresses, short dresses or both!!!

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    I'd be surprised if you even noticed or cared.  You'll see people, not dresses, in your photos.  I promise.
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    If you are concerned about how it will look then just have them all wear long dresses. Don't give yourself something extra to stress about.
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    Has anyone picked out a dress yet (not necessarily bought, but decided on)? If so, it would be unfair of you to change the rules now. Otherwise, sure, change them to long if you like that better, or have both - either will look just fine.
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    I agree that, if anyone's made a final decision and you didn't specify length from the beginning, that it'd be unfair to make them change now.

    I don't personally care for mixed lengths, but it's not awful or a faux pas. It's a personal preference, like color (I would never get pink BM dresses but some people like them, so live and let live). I told my two BMs that I didn't have a preference for long vs. short, but I wanted them to be in the same length, so they could talk about it amongst themselves and tell me what they wanted. They both said that knee-length was fine.

    If nobody's picked her dress yet, and you want to keep it to one length, take a vote and majority rules. If you are O.K. with long and short dresses in the same bridal party, then that's fine too.
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    I told my girls toick any black dress they liked, regardless of length.  My younger sister chose a long dress.  Everyone else chose short dresses.  She felt a little weird about it, but I told her that it's fine, though I might stick her on the end of the row for balance.

    For her wedding she had a mix of long and short.  I think it looked totally fine.
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    I'm personally not a fan of different lengths, but it's your decision.  

    If you decide you really don't want to do it, you could always tell the girls to get the long dresses and shorten them.  They'd have to pay, but I don't think it's insanely expensive.  
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    I wanted my girls to be comfortable at the wedding and once BM asked that she have a long dress due to scars on her legs.  Of course, I said that was fine!  So, we have mixed lengths and, to be honest, I really don't mind because I want everyone to have fun and feel good about themselves in their dresses.  Also, agree with the PP- you'll see their faces, NOT their dresses!
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