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One, the other, or both????

    So I need help figuring out how to decide whether to just have my stepdad walk me down the isle or both him and my real dad. My real dad has been in and out of my life, its been a love/ hate relationship. While my stepdad and i just started getting along a couple years ago. When i was mad at my real dad and thought that i was through with him for the rest of my life, i had asked my stepdad to walk me down the isle. He was kinda shocked because he thought that i would have asked my real dad. My dad and i are back in the love part of our relationship and i don't want to hurt his feelings by having my stepdad walk me down the isle. Im not going to take that away from my stepdad though. So my real real question is... Should i have them both walk me down the isle and have two father daughter dances or should i have my stepdad walk me and have my real dad do the father daughter dance?
Any other ideas would be helpful because i am totally stuck.

Re: One, the other, or both????

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    I think your ideas as well as PP ideas are all good. Just do what feels best, but please don't go back on what you said to your stepdad. He should have some part in walking you down the aisle, even if it is only halfway.
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    I think it would insult your father to have your stepdad walk you down the aisle, and if you are finally at a good place in your relationship, you would likely regret it if you didn't let him have such an important part in your wedding. But, it depends on how you feel about him at this point.

    And there is nothing wrong with two father/daughter dances. My father is walking me down the aisle and my stepfather is marrying us. They both get dances, because my stepdad was a huge part of my life and my dad knows that he wasn't always there for us, so he understands completely.

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    Thanks so much for the input.
    I have talked to my mom and my grandma and they said that it would really tear up my dad if he didn't walk me down the isle too. They think that since i already asked my stepdad that him and my dad should walk me down together. I just don't want any hurt feelings at my wedding. And i don't want to regret the decision i made.

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