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Help: rude peoplez!

So I am leaving for my vacation excited. 

Anywho, we see the same people down there EVERY year...and I don't really like any of them. I am not rude, but I choose not to 'conversate' with them. My parents do....My parents are already down there...and one of the couples asked "how many guests came to Stinas wedding?" and my parents said "around 200". Then the couple said....

"Oh that's about how many people Liz (another girl there) had at her wedding. Sounds like Stina is competing against her. And we were invited to Liz's. We drove all the way to Wisconsin for hers."

My mom was flabbergasted. First off, tacky. Second, these people I don't care for.

So my mom said "it was Stina's wedding so she invited who she wanted there." Good for mommy....but now I am worried that people are going to be asking why they weren't I just pull out the WP board responses? Like "Well, I invited those nearest and dearest to me...(which means NOT YOU!) I'd love to just call them out and say that it's rude! Is that wrong?
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