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Mood Swings

G'ahhh, I must be pregnant.  I cried while reading a touching (okay, just kind of touching) post on the Detroit board, gave my dog lots of hugs, got really hungry and mad for a second, then got hungry, and then told a knottie to shoot their MIL (was joking, by the way).  I'd like to take a minute to apologize in advance for anything dumb I say in the next nine months.  Err type.  Or whatever, lol. 

Sorry in advance if I chew your head off (although I'm usually fairly nice and not snarky ever, but I might get hungry).

Sorry in advance if I write about pregnancy stuff.

Sorry in advance if my posts are just all over the place. 

From my last two pregnancies (I had a miscarriage last year), I have found that I have mood swings during the first couple months, and they get bad.  When I was pregnant with Bubbas (and didn't know it for almost 3 months!), I went through things with Bobby where I loved him more than anything and then I almost left him a couple times as well.  Thanks, mood swings.  The last time we almost broke up was 3 days before I took the pregnancy test.  Then I realized why I was acting so funny. 

Last year's pregnancy, I found myself just crying for no apparent reason. 

Well, ladies, this is what you might have to look forward to.  Good luck!

Thanks for reading!
I'm going to go cry, laugh, and eat up all the food in the house.  Good night! :)
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