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A couple questions

I know I have some time before I need to decide, but right now I have three girls I want in my wedding. My older sister will be my matron of honor, my younger sister will be my maid of honor, and my best friend of almost eight years will be a bridesmaid. I do not want to offend my best friend and make her feel like she isn't good enough to be an honor attendent since she will be the only bridesmaid. Should I have another bridesmaid or is it okay to have 2 honor attendents and one bridesmaid?

In addition, I will also have an uneven bridal party, since my fiance has a best man (his brother) and 4 groomsman (one cousin, two friends, and my younger brother). Is 3 girls and 5 guys too uneven? I don't want the head table to look weird.

Thanks for any advice. :)

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