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Hindu/Christian 1 wedding fusion?

Hi everyone,  we are in the very early stages of wedding planning.  As i am an American girl raised catholic marrying an Indian man raised in the jain faith.  We both want to represent our cultures but do not want to do two separate ceremonies. Has anyone seen/heard/participated in a fusion of a Christian/Hindu/jain wedding?  We are trying to see how the pieces would fit together and work. Welcome any ideas!!!

Re: Hindu/Christian 1 wedding fusion?

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    I did a combined ceremony last year mixing elements from Hindu and Jewish culture so I'm sure it is possible for you. In general planning interfaith ceremonies take more time so give yourself enough time. Christian churches and Hindu temples will probably give you a hard time, so try to find a neutral / nondenominational territory, or do what we did and have your ceremony outside, and reception at a hall. We took a year to plan ours. Do some research and find out not only the elements of your religious traditions you want to include, but also the meaning behind the traditions. Then the hard part is finding an officiant who will be willing to do that for you. Personally, it was very hard for me. My husband and I have been chronicling out experiences as an interfaith couple on our blog and you can maybe get some ideas for yourself and see how we combined our religious traditions on this post: Good luck!
  • Thank you songstress215  this was very helpful! 
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