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Pagan Wedding...any ideas?

In September we are getting married on cruise ship and it will be a small intimate wedding between us two and maybe a few other people. I want to incorperate a little of my pagan beliefs but I dont want to offend anyone. What are some things I can do?

(please dont be rude in your comments)

Re: Pagan Wedding...any ideas?

  • I know we are doing a handfasting, im still figuring out wording but handfasting has in history been used by pagans and christians so if there is any one you think may still be uneasy about it explain its history too! :)
  • Why would your beliefs offend anyone?  (I'm serious; I don't mean to be snarky.  If people are so close-minded that they can't deal with a ceremony in a faith that isn't Christianity, I really feel like that should be their problem, not yours.)  Is there something specific about the guests you're planning on inviting that worries you?  Or something specific about your beliefs?  Because I've never seen a pagan ceremony that would be offensive to anyone other than someone incapable of respecting a religion other than their own.

  • Well I am inviting my parents and my dad is a big christian and we arent sure if anyone from my Fi family is going to be there. (We are having a very very very small ceremony on a cruise ship and only 6 non-passengers are allowed. so thats my dad and stepmom, mom and step dad, and maybe 2 from his family.) I just dont want to upset them even more. Also they dont know Im not a christian; my Fi is, kinda. Thanks for the confidence and ideas.
  • There are some great books out there on Handfasting and Handfasing/Pagan traditions.  I, myself, am having a handfasting which incorperates my brides maids and his grooms men in as elementals.  The best book I can recamend is called "Magickal Weddings" by Joy Ferguson.  It has great history on wedding traditions and ideas for weddings.  Hope it helps!
  • A suggestion is write the vows your self! I wrote our handfasting vows and had the JP edit them and I LOVE them!
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