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Jewish Living Classes in Toronto

I'm a Chinese/Atheist and my fiance is Jewish/Agnostic. 

It was suggested to both of us from a Rabbi (not our officiant yet) that we take a Jewish Information Class to learn about the customs and ways. I'm fully on board with raising a so called "Jewish Family" if that means celebrating holidays and such, and I respect any dietary needs from the family. Doesn't mean I understand or believe in it, but I feel a lot of it comes from a historical and tradition/social perspective rather than religious (just like Chinese New Year and Christmas).

This course was recommended to us is pretty intense - with a midterm exam, take home assignments and a final exam. It's preperation for conversion, but we were assured that it's not required. The course material is really good however, I'm trying to plan a wedding and find a house, and not sure if I can afford 3 hours every week for a year + homework!+ stress!

Does anyone know of other, less intensive courses in the Toronto area? Tell me more especially if you've taken any. 

(on a side note: it's so odd that in order for me to participate in a Jewish Wedding Ceremony, it's recommended to take the course esp if we want a Rabbi, but what about the folks that are born into the Religion? I'll probably become more of an expert than they are!)

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