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Catholic Outdoor Wedding - Possible?

Does anyone know if it's possible to have a Catholic outdoor wedding?  My fiance isn't Catholic, but I am.  He's fine with having a Catholic ceremony, but we would both like to get married outside.

Re: Catholic Outdoor Wedding - Possible?

  • You can visit the Catholic weddings section, also under cultural weddings. 

    In order to validly marry in the church, a Catholic must be married according to canonical form. Dispensations from form may be given, but its only for serious reasons, not because you want to marry outside.

  • Hi there, 
    You can get permission to get married in your FI's church or temple if you apply for a dispensation but you can't get permission to get married outdoors.

  • that's my understanding as well.  I've talked to priests and they insist on doing it in a church. 
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