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Need a Priest that will co-officiate with Rabbi (upstate NY)

I am jewish and my fiance is Catholic. I have a rabbi that will co-officiate but i need a priest. Anyone in upstate  or in the state of NY know of a priest that will co-officiate??? need help!!!

Re: Need a Priest that will co-officiate with Rabbi (upstate NY)

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    Hey there!

    Are you looking to have the marriage considered a valid Catholic marriage, or are you just trying to incorporate "Catholic" elements into the ceremony? If it is the latter, you can find rent-a-priests that will co-officiate (just do a google search). These aren't real priests, with faculties to perform Catholic ceremonies, though. If you go this route, your fiance will no longer be able to receive sacraments such as communion as he will not be in a state of grace. It might also be difficult to have any of your children baptized. Just make sure he is aware of this before he steps away from the Church.

    If your FI plans to continue practicing his faith, I would have him or his family contact a priest that knows them and have him help you sort things out. You will likely have to hold the ceremony in a Catholic Church, but you might be able have your rabbi involved in the ceremony.

    Hope that helped!
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