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Hi everyone, my fiance and I found an officiant that we are excited about - however, she calls herself "reverend" and an "interfaith minister" and my mother is uncomfortable with the idea of someone marrying us who has a "Christian" affiliation. I looked up where the person was ordained and it's from the New Seminary, which is an interfaith organization. She mentions on her site being raised Catholic but realizing that there was so much else out there, and strongly supporting gay marriage. My fiance and I do not think she will impose Christianity on us at all or even that she really identifies as Christian. But this is a big problem for my mother.

What do the titles "reverend" and "minister" really mean? Are they always Christian? Can two agnostic cultural Jews be married by an interfaith minister without it seeming completely weird? Is there any way to help my mother be more comfortable with this idea? We're not totally decided on using this officiant but we both really like her so far.
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    I would just ask that your ceremony have no speak of Christianity and see if you can add in Jewish traditions. Since you are both Jewish having these traditions would not be weird at all. Some traditions are saying the seven blessings (can be done in both Hebrew or English), standing under a Chuppah and of course breaking the glass at the end of the ceremony.
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    It's confusing using the "Reverend" designation!  Interfaith embraces all faiths!  We are trained to accomodate every faith and religious needs for couples. She could have a Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or Christian background.  Your mother isn't getting married, you are!
    Be comfortable with her-she'll do a great job for you.
    "Rev." Barbara

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